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Published on the 19/08/2018

Since 2009 BGP has been publishing podcasts, videos and articles about fighting games for the French fighting game community.

We've treated the history of franchises, helped people to understand how game mechanics work and interviewed a lot of people in the industry. Some of our members are now paid professionals writing for other outlets, animating conferences or writing books.

And now we have an English website! For starter we will translate our favorite articles as we feel they can reach a new audience. We also want to work directly with English content creators. We are already a team of a dozen people producing a big amount of content in French and we want to do the same in English.

You might be thinking wait, a twelve people team? How do you run such an operation? Well here's the catch:Bas Gros Poing is a non-profit organization!

Why a non-profit org?

We gather people around a common goal which is to cover fighting games. We want to do it with more human and financial ressources than a single person can, while maintaining our editorial freedom. Using such a structure helps us share responsibilities and is also a way to guarantee the project survival if key members leave.

As a team we discuss projects and share feedback with each others to boost our work quality. We host our own website, develop the functionalities we need and promote our own brand to avoid dependency on a single individual. We also respect each member involvement, small or big, to avoid putting pressure on them. It's not a job!

All the money we earn through our patreon, donations or partnerships is solely used to defray expenses of our members so they can create better quality content. We buy train tickets to attend events. We offer microphones to get a better sound in our podcasts. We use our good relationships with editors to get press copies and interviews.

You can join us!

Everyone in the team understands that the advantages and the money we earn are dedicated to the team's projects. We don't want to make promises that someone can be payed with our website and fail to deliver. In the end Bas Gros Poing is a hobby project, but we take it very seriously! Until everyone gets payed correctly, we will continue working this way as it is the most efficient way.

If you are a content creator and are you wish to join a team of passionate fighting games fans, please get in touch! And if you are just a reader, consider supporting us! Share our articles or donate if you can. Our content will be always be free anyway.

Thanks for reading, see you soon!

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